Today’s Perfect Rant…about the Super Bowl no less.


I watched a bit of the Super Bowl. However, I consciously chose the Canadian broadcaster. This had no effect on the game  or even the commentary during the game.  And it all comes down to the advertising.

See, the way things work in Canada is that the rights holder for broadcasting usually gets the rights to all broadcasts in Canada, and bids accordingly and sells advertisements on that basis.  Of course that meant that we didn’t get to see those famous Superbowl commercials when they aired.  People found this annoying.

That’s right. People complained that they didn’t get to see the commercials.  They complain about how many there are normally.  Somehow these are different.

Not sure why that is. I mean, really.  When the game is over, you will probably find all of these commercials on YouTube.

Let me lay out my complaint in bullet points.

  • The people who paid for the rights did so with the knowledge that they had the broadcast rights for all of Canada.
  • Advertisers who bought commercial time on these channels for this broadcast did so thinking that they had the total Canadian audience.
  • The decision to change this came about a week before the game.
  • When the CRTC gets sued because of the above situation (and I a sure they will) whatever fine they have to pay will be paid with taxpayer dollars–not to mention all the legal fees that will be incurred.
  • The decision was based on allowing Canadians to see commercials that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see during the broadcast.
  • Usually people have little or no desire to watch commercials–hence the rise of Netflix and other streaming services, not to mention PVR use.
  • These commercials may be for products or services that we do not have access to.
  • These very same commercials are already probably available on YouTube.

Sorry for the rant…..but I felt that I had to say something. Is this the worst thing happening in the world?  Not by a long shot.  Is this the worst thing happening to me and the people around me?  No, not at all.  Shouldn’t I be complaining about other, more important injustices?  I should, but other people are doing that better than I can, and are much better informed about those injustices.


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I am: equal parts rebel, romantic and shockingly average Joe. a writer trapped inside of an ESL teacher's body. an introverted attention seeker. a teacher who hopes one day to be called "Captain, my Captain." an intellectual who can do some very dumb things. a person whose Japan experience, despite being so long ago, still exerts a strong influence upon him. a lover of books, music, beer, hockey and Pizza.
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10 Responses to Today’s Perfect Rant…about the Super Bowl no less.

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Apparently you are in the .04257% of people who are aware that the Super Bowl Sunday commercials are among the very best of the year (see the Buick commercial for one example) and in the past have been just as entertaining as the game itself. This explains the consternation.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Apologies, spell checker got me “unaware”, not “aware”.

      • Anthony says:

        I am aware that these are some of the “best” commercials….but that begs a few questions.
        Why do they only make good, funny, thoughtful commercials once a year? Are they unconcerned for the rest of the year?
        And like I wrote, they are available on YouTube almost immediately.
        And lastly, if they are so good, why didn’t these companies pay to show them to me? It wouldn’t have cost them the big bucks. Instead they get a free ride at the expense of a broadcaster who had to pay a lot of money for the “rights” to the game, that turned out not to be the rights at all.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Yeah, I choose not to pick things apart that don’t matter so I can enjoy a happy, peaceful life. I just like watching the commercials during the game because many of them make me laugh.

        By the way, the companies paid through the nose to show those commercials to you?! You chose not to watch them by watching the game on another network.

        The broadcaster pays for the rights to air the game and then sell commercial time to companies who want to air their commercials during the game. I’m a little flummoxed by you on this one.

      • Anthony says:

        No need to be flummoxed. Those companies paid through the nose to advertise to everyone in the USA. The Canadian rights holder paid so that they could charge anyone who wanted to advertise to Canadians. Until this year, this system has been in place. This is not just for the Super Bowl, but for any broadcasts they have paid the rights for–yes, we see different commercials when we watch Big Bang Theory.
        My big problem is changing the rules halfway through (moving the goalposts seems like an apt metaphor).
        As a result, those advertisers (in Canada) got a smaller audience than they were paying for–not because people didn’t watch, but because for the first time, they were allowed to watch something else, despite the “exclusive”–which now means not so exclusive–rights.
        Yes, commercials are funny–and when I watch the Super Bowl ones later on YouTube, I am sure I will laugh.
        This decision has opened up a whole can of worms. Sadly.
        Being so close to the US, most of the commercials are still relevant, but imagine if the same thing happened in another country. Imagine if the next Olympics decided that despite the billions of dollars Coca Cola paid for rights, their signs could be turned off, or their images blacked out in the American market…..
        My point is not to criticize the US advertisers who made “kick ass” commercials, but rather the CRTC who made a hasty decision without thinking of the consequences. They are just commercials after all….or are they now part of an unfair business arrangement.

      • bgddyjim says:

        LOL… I didn’t know you were a Canuck! I thought you were in the US and watched the Canadian broadcast. My apologies… I knew something was off there.

      • Anthony says:

        There is no need to apologize. I am sorry that it wasn’t clear where I was ranting from–I guess I just figured the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey puck was enough.
        Also not to worry. I like a little bit of push back (and yours was not impolite, aggressive or mean spirited in any way). It keeps me sharp and forces me to write better.
        Also, since I missed the last (and what my students called the most exciting) half of the game because I decided to watch something else, I probably don’t need to be shouting too much.
        Maybe next year, I will just watch the game and relax.

      • bgddyjim says:

        I view your page through my WP app so I don’t get the benefit of seeing the full page and theme… I’ve never seen the hockey puck.

        As to the game, I fell asleep… My wife woke me up for overtime! I don’t blame you for turning the channel, heck the game looked over before Lady Gaga jumped from the roof!

  2. Anthony says:

    I should also admit that the numbers are not at all overwhelming. However, for struggling Canadian broadcasters (which includes all of them except those that are subsidized by the government) it is not insignificant.
    I expect the fallout to be huge–in a Canadian sense.

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