Camera Questions


Once again, I am appealing to readers and friends of readers (please pass this plea along to anyone who could help me).

I am planning a trip in the near future to Vietnam and was wondering about cameras.  I want to capture lots of pictures because the country looks so beautiful.  I will be traveling by bicycle, so I don’t want to carry anything bulky.  And, no, I am not planning on mounting a GoPro on my bike, though the thought did cross my mind.

Recently I have used my smartphone to take most of my pictures.  I seem to have enough memory to take hundreds of pictures and can charge it up by USB.  What I don’t know is

  • Will I find USB ports in two or three star hotels in Vietnam?
  • Does their different voltage present any problems?

I could also take my Fuji Finepix camera, but I am worried about memory and battery power. Obviously, I can upgrade the memory.

  • How long do two AA batteries typically last on the camera?
  • Are AA batteries affordable in Vietnam?
  • Is there an affordable camera out there that is rugged and can take a whole pile of pictures?


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4 Responses to Camera Questions

  1. windswept007 says:

    I don’t think you will find ports, but USB is a universal system so it should not matter about the power. I have a travel adapter that has a USB included, you can get them at most airports. The batteries should be easy to get and very cheap. Take a couple of spare cards and change or backup most days just to be safe, they do fail. As for a new camera I have a Canon D30 which is good in all conditions, even for diving as it is waterproof to 30m, no other camera does that deep without a case. But your camera should be fine. It is a good brand and make.

  2. I wish I could help you, but no nothing about this myself, and am wanting a camera as well that I can hike and bike with.

    Sounds like the travel adaptor might be your best bet.

    I also heard the Leica C is quite compact. But I don’t really know a lot as I haven’t ventured into much research.


  3. You might want to ask this guy:

    He has brilliant posts and knows a lot more about photography than most 🙂

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