That Which is Left When Ranting Is Done

This is the better half of Today’s Perfect Moment. If you want to hear the rant laden whiny tirade that preceded it, please click here.

Despite many of my student’s distinct dislike of baseball, I don’t mind an afternoon at the park. With baseball, you have time to talk and you have time shout and scream and cry and sing a lot of corny songs.

It also gave me a chance to hit the city and take a bunch of photos of the game and the city. I captured some good images that I would like to share with you.

Toronto and Blue Jays 2016 026

I have always thought of the CN Tower as an iconic building and wanted to take some interesting shots of it.  I had planned on taking some shots of it reflected on some other tall glass buildings.  I didn’t do that, but I got this shot instead–which turned out surprisingly good.

Toronto and Blue Jays 2016 039

The Skydome–I don’t want to call it by the name the current owners call it.  It was named Skydome by the people of the city.  How dare the mighty dollar hold sway in something that had been bestowed on the city.  Are we going to change the names of the cities based on the whims of corporate sponsorship.  One day, I could wake up and find myself working in Nestle-ville instead of Toronto.

Oops, I started ranting.  The Skydome was quite raucous and a good time was had by all–except those two Oakland fans.  Everyone was friendly and the game ended with a Blue Jays win–what more could I ask for? Okay, I could ask for a lot, but why spoil a day.

Toronto and Blue Jays 2016 054

Oh, and I found myself at a Sikh festival on the way home.  Good food and lots of colourful Turbans and Saris.

New City Hall and Old City Hall–Odd how they are virtually next to one another.  If the one on the left seems familiar….think Resident Evil.


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