Goodbye Door to Door Mail Delivery


Right now, as I write this, they are installing my new “community” mailbox. Okay, that isn’t exactly true.  In fact, they are just scooping out the dirt from the embankment to make a space for the new mailboxes.  They’ve got the trucks and I see a whole bunch of paving stones–which I suppose will be used to provide a base and prevent erosion.

While these community mailboxes have been the standard for new subdivisions for the past couple of decades, older houses still enjoyed door to door delivery. A recent review a services at Canada Post concluded that the service was losing money and that community mailbox was the more efficient model and now even older neighbourhoods are getting them.

According to a letter I got, delivery to my new box is scheduled to begin on Monday. As of Thursday morning, I could see no signs that this was actually going to happen.  As far as I new, the box was going to placed down the street in an area that the homeowner had just planted a lovely flower garden–oh, I forgot to mention, they put these boxes on people’s property.  Suddenly they changed that decision (I guess you can fight city hall) and moved it to a location closer to my house.  Suddenly on Thursday afternoon they started to change the curbing.  Either they installed new curbing or the ground down the old curbing.  I can’t tell you which, but new curbing nonetheless.

That day also saw the arrival of the keys for the new mailboxes. I guess it was no longer a figment of my imagination and I could no longer live in denial.  I expected to come home from work on Friday and see those boxes staring at me.

Then, nothing happened on Friday.

Today, Saturday, they are digging away.

Getting back to the boxes on people’s property. I guess that makes the homeowner responsible for clearing the snow from the area around the boxes.  Since this is the side of a guy’s house, I don’t know if he will be doing that.   I know that he likes to park his truck and trailer in this spot all summer long–so that is going to change, maybe.  I don’t think parking will be allowed in front of the boxes, though I could be wrong.

I am rather sad to see mail delivery change this way. It is nothing but the apartment model imposed on a larger geographical area, but it doesn’t make me happy.  For the past few years, I have been doing my part.   I have sent quite a bit of mail and ordered many things from Amazon.  I continue to get bills sent to me rather than e-post.  Postal rates have skyrocketed and I have not complained (though under this “cost efficient” model, I doubt they will be reduced).

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3 Responses to Goodbye Door to Door Mail Delivery

  1. Sarah Warsi says:

    I agree. There is a personable touch to getting mail delivered to your door. I have never liked the communal method either.

  2. Brittany says:

    Ah, I have a single mailbox and it brings me so much joy going to it each morning.

    • Anthony says:

      The funny thing was, they installed my box after Canada Post decided to keep home delivery–but my box was already slated (though late) to go in. So most of Canada won’t get this, but I got it because they decided to make the announcement late. Oh ironic universe.

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