Setting my Sights on a Fondo

bike show 005

For those of you who read my previous post and the conundrum I found myself in, I decided to go to the bike show on Friday.  After looking at the schedule, there might have been more BMX events on Saturday, but I since that wasn’t my primary motivation I chose Friday.  I figured it would be less crowded and therefore less hassle.

I enjoyed the bike show, but I was probably a bit underprepared.  I already had a bike, but I probably should have taken the opportunity to kit myself out a bit better.  There seemed to be good deals on helmets, tire tubes and cycling wear (performance socks, shorts, bibs, shirts etc.)  Mostly the dealers seemed to be intent on selling floor pumps, and bike repair bike show 004stands.  Since I already had both of these, I wasn’t really interested.  I do need a helmet and bike shorts, though.

You see, I went to the show, less for bike apparel and tools than for information.  I want to do some bike trips, but I have no idea about them.  I have plans to join a cycling club this spring, and I hope I will meet people to go on trips with, but who knows if that will happen.

What I discovered was the idea of a Fondo.  Apparently this word is Italian for “great foundation, great endurance, or great distance”.  Either way, Fondos are organized group rides that seem to be happening all over the place.  They seem like a good way to meet a group and ride around. You have to pay some money, but that probably isn’t a bad thing for an organized event.  It’s nice to have refreshment and emergency services on hand–just in case.  Additionally, they seem to give everyone a jersey, so souvenirs are built right in.peifondo

I don’t know if my plans for a long distance cycle trip will materialize, but I am definitely going to do one of these events (if not two or three) this year.  I am setting a goal to do the PEI Fondo.  It sounds like it will be a beautiful ride in a beautiful province just as the summer is coming to an end.  Having a goal should motivate me to ride more and get in better shape.

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