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A Quest for Stuff

I wish I were constantly questing for the better me, but sometimes I am just questing for stuff.  Despite knowing that the better me would be a person without so much stuff, there are a few things that I have … Continue reading

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Shiny New Wheels

A big part of the better me is improved all around fitness (and hopefully more weight loss).  I had a good year last year by changing my diet and getting out on my bike more often.  I lost about 20 … Continue reading

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On a Recent Read

Though the incredible song Heroin is featured in the Movie Apocalypse Now, I can honestly say that the first time I consciously listened to the Velvet Underground was my first weekend in Japan.  My unknown quantity of a roommate had … Continue reading

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Fear is powerful.

Shushing down a hill while facing near whiteout conditions while watching children unreservedly slip and slide over rails forward and backward gave me pause to consider the power of fear. Fear of catching an edge and smashing into, and then … Continue reading

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I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger award.  I was nominated by Nicole of the blog WALK IN THE SUNLIGHT.  It was very kind of her.  If you would like to check out her blog, please click on the link. … Continue reading

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And So Winter Finally Arrived

Having seen some beautiful pictures taken by Celia in Tokyo, the two of us engaged in a short conversation about snow and snow covered cities.  Whenever I see pictures of Japan in the snow, they seem somewhat different.  I am … Continue reading

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A Recent Read

I read a lot of books about Japan and people’s experiences in Japan.  I also read books in which Japan is the setting for the story.  I am drawn to them and I spend a fair amount of time searching … Continue reading

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