The Japan KitKat Phenomenon

KitKat 005

The Japanese Kit Kat Phenomenon (JKKP) is pretty much all over the internet.  There are hundreds of videos on YouTube and probably quite a few blogs written about it.  Yes, there are lots of KitKat flavours in Japan.  This is not true for Canada.  We have the standard and we have the dark chocolate one–which is excellent, but not much else.  You’d think we would have a least one maple syrup version.

trains 001 Japanese 009

Despite all the buzz about the chocolate bars, I am not that particularly interested.  When I am in Japan, I tend to focus my junk food eating on things like Marble chocolate (something akin to bitter chocolate M&Ms) Tirol (chocolate with a gooey coffee centre) HiSoft (incredible soft toffee goodness) and so many other things.  I might look at a KitKat, but I don’t expect to get sucked into the JKKP (see above).  Sure, some interesting flavours might be nice, but there seems to be so many other things to eat.  Sure, a coffee flavoured KitKat would be nice (although, it sounds liked it would just be a smaller version of Coffee Crisp), and maybe if they had some orange ones, or cafe latte versions…. either way, like I said, I don’t see myself getting caught up in all the hoopla.


Except of course, today, I

My student was kind enough, or evil enough, to give me a green tea (or Matcha) flavoured KitKat.  I like matcha, but it isn’t my favourite flavour.  However, this one was just awesome.  It was really delicious.  I really enjoyed it and now I want to eat more of them.  Now, I know what all the fuss is about.  Now, I wonder if I should book a flight to Japan and go on a KitKat eating tour.  While you might think I am joking, I should explain that I took one trip to Japan, including a very long Bullet Train ride, just to eat Ramen, so this wouldn’t be such a stretch.

In the meantime, I am going to have to go to the Japanese shopping centre to see what they’ve got and at what price.

For those of you who are in Japan, or who have visited and sampled some of these KitKats, which are your favourites?

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